cuisine award winner 2014 - relish the thought

Cuisine Artisan Award 2014 

We were presented with this award for our Mandarin & Cointreau Marmalade. It has since been used by My Food Bag for all of their Christmas subscribers for a delicious ham glaze, and it also features in the cocktail list at Soul Bar at the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland City.



taste_farmers market award 2013_relish the thought

Taste Magazine – Farmers Market Award 2013

Relish the Thought is consistently packed full of real flavours of NZ, the story, the photos of the real food producers, Blueberries from Graham and Rhyll in Ardmore Valley, Sven Pederson (Dairy Flat), Don Rhodes from Woodhill for the Damson and Danica and Victor who grow Tomatoes can be heard and seen in every glass jar that is carefully crafted by the team at Relish the Thought. The consistency and recognition of product in many markets and retails shops tells the real story – these are simply some of the best preserves in NZ if not the world. Delicious preserves that are not overpowering or stewed and have a great combination of flavours – you can smell it even before you open the lid!



taste magazine_farmers market new zealand award_2012

Taste Magazine – Farmers Market Award 2012

The Judges said …”Love the customer return philosophy of the story, produce is locally grown and they all smell delicious. 
Great flavor and tastes like what it says it is. Love it, twist on the classic preserves with interesting flavours, something i would definitely buy. Passionate and organised.
 Love the philosophy, smell appealing and TASTE REAL! Old fashioned and YUM