Sweet Mandarin Marmalade Chicken Drumsticks 🍗🍊

Sweet Mandarin Marmalade Chicken Drumsticks 🍗🍊


An easy and delicious chicken with a zesty kick from our marmalade  – we have no doubt this will become one of your family dinner favourites! 


Sweet Mandarin Marmalade Chicken Drumsticks

1-2 kg (10 pieces) chicken drumsticks
1/2 cup Relish The Thought Mandarin and Cointreau Marmalade
3 tbsp wholegrain mustard
4 stems of rosemary


Preheat oven to 180ºC fan bake.

Season chicken drumsticks, place on baking tray and bake uncovered for 15 min.

Combine marmalade, mustard and 1 stem of rosemary leaves.

Pour 1/4 of the mixture over the half baked chicken and place the rest of the rosemary stems on top.

Bake for 5 min before applying another 1/4 of the mixture as the second glaze.

Repeat the step above until the remaining glaze is fully applied.

After the last glazing, bake the chicken for another 5-10 min until cooked.

Serve and enjoy! 💛